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About us

If you drink from a source you will always come back

African Proverb

Having travelled through the whole of Southern and Eastern Africa, the two Swiss Nathaly and Gue have chosen Zambia as their home for its beauty and friendliness. On the creative Nagwaza Farm in Zambia they found good friends and a new home. Here the journey started to produce an Artisan Gin of world class.


A few years later the first product has run from the still into the bottles labelled with a beautiful artwork by the Zambian Artist Nukwase Tembo, which she developed in collaboration with Gue.

The Make

The Make

Iconic African Gin is a distilled Gin classified as a Contemporary Style Gin or an International Style Gin.

Our Gin is carefully distilled in small batches and can be categorized as a combination of an Old Tom Gin and a Plymouth Gin.

The base spirit of a Plymouth Gin is made of Molasses or fruit. It can contain any botanicals, usually is un-sweetened, and matures by batch. 

The one element of an Old Tom gin is a touch of sweeteness, to enhance a smooth mouth feeling,

Have a look at the ingredients here, making our Gin truly balanced and iconic in taste and smell.

ARTWORK by Nukwase Tembo